Monday, August 24, 2009


Here's a look at a cool t-shirt the Cowboys are selling to help celebrate the opening of the new Cowboys Stadium. Very, very Texas.

Cowboys Stadium: Wow!

Catch the Cowboys/Titans pre-season game on TV this weekend? The new stadium looks awesome. Really awesome. I've been reading the Dallas newspapers on-line and listening to some sports talk-radio out of Dallas, and it seems the only three concerns I had about the place are nothing to worry about ...
If you noticed - as many did - there was no big blue star on the 50-yard line, but it will be there for the official home opener on Sept. 20 against the Giants. The "Ring of Honor," also missing on Friday night, will also be in place by then. And all of the fuss over the punt hitting the video board is not a concern. It is actually five feet higher than required by the NFL, and it can be raised even more if need be.
Everything that I've read about the place and everybody that's been there has had only one reaction: Wow!
And, oh yeah ... the most important thing: The Cowboys looked pretty good in the game.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jerry Jones talks with ESPN

Jerry Jones recently sat down with ESPN's Chis Mortensen for a pretty good interview. It was cut up and edited a lot for TV, but ESPN has posted the whole thing on its website. Here is the link to the interview: