Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 9: Cowboys - 20, Eagles - 16

The Cowboys improved their record to 6-2 last night with a win over Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football. The win also put the team in first place in the NFC East. Romo threw for 307 yards and hit Austin Miles on a 49-yard TD pass in the fourth quarter, which helped ice the win. Roy Williams also showed up for work and caught five passes for 75 yards. Defense was solid. Dare we even think of saying it? The Cowboys are lookin' pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody else think that Austin Miles looks like A-Rod?

Mo 42 said...

I heard Sal Palantonio on ESPN Radio this morning talking about how nothing gets Eagles fans more jacked up than the mere sight of the Dallas Cowboys. He said this loss was even tougher than losing the World Series to the Yankees, because the Cowboys bring out the "primal instinct" in Eagles fans.

Doesn't a children's birthday party also bring out the "primal instinct" in Eagles fans? Or Sunday morning church? Or Christmas caroling with family and friends? Visting the ill in hospitals?

Aren't "primal" and "most Eagles fans" two terms that are pretty much inseparable at all times?

Anonymous said...

Eagles fan jokes:

1) Question: Two obnoxious, drunken, battery-throwing Eagles fans are dropped off the top of the William Penn in downtown Philadelphia at the exact same time. Which one hits the ground first?

Answer: Who cares?

2) Question: What did Charles Darwin say when he attended an Eagles game?

Answer: "See, I told ya."

3) Why can you know longer find any cheesesteaks in Philly?

Answer: Andy Reid ate them all.

lonnie miller said...

the eagle fans who attend games at the link are scum!!!!!!!the worst form of life.there is nothing better then a win at the link.witten and barber own the eagles.mcsuck is done.8 days a year those fvkn a***oles get together and humiliate themselves as people.hate is to lite of a word.let it also be said that my family is mostly eagle fans as well,thats their choice and they pay for it day in and day out.