Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL playoffs: Vikings - 34, Cowboys - 3

The Vikings crushed the Cowboys on Sunday in Minnesota in the second round of the NFL playoffs, ending the season and what was a great month of football in Dallas. The Cowboys offensive line folded, Romo was in trouble all day and was sacked six times, they turned over the ball and the Cowboys came away with no points from several early drives that should have resulted in points. If there is any consolation, some people on ESPN last night compared this team to the 1991 Cowboys. That team also went 11-5 and got killed in the playoffs, but came back to win three Super Bowls. This team is not THAT good, but by cleaning up the locker room, winning the division, discovering that Romo can be a leader and Phillips can win a playoff game, and with the emergence of Miles Austin, they seem to be on the right track. Looking forward to the 2010 season.


Mo 42 said...

It seems clear the Vikings have the better team. Fine. Congrats to them. The biggest surprise is that the second half of the game actually started on time. Thought Farve would have taken a month or two to decide whether or not he wanted to come back out of the locker room. You know ... hold a few press conferences during the half, cry a few times and talk about how he's tired and wants to be with his kids, then leak a few "exclusives" to Chris Mortensen and Peter King, and then of course come out and play.

I guess the tack-on TD at the end was his revenge for getting his ass kicked by Dallas for 17 years, especially back in the day. Fair enough. But kind of odd to do it to a bunch of Cowboys players that were probably still in junior high school during the early and mid '90s, and to an opposing QB who grew up in Wisconsin and is a big fan of his. Always liked the guy, but to quote the movie "Diner," Farve "just went down a notch in my book."

I'm going for the Saints.

Mo 42 said...

I am not that down on Romo. The guy was swarmed and knocked around all day. I have been down on him at times, but not this time. I still like what I saw in him this season.

Mo 42 said...

ESPN radio in Dallas (which you can listen to on-line) is reporting that Phillips is coming back.

Anonymous said...

We need a kicker. Not getting some early points yesterday was a momentum killer. We need a guy who is a lock from 45 yards and closer and can also blast a 50 when needed.

theanswer337 said...

I didn't watch espn today, but I was actually thinking the same thing about Dallas and the '91 team BEFORE the game yesterday.
Granted, we aren't as young, but I think this team is learning how to win and has the personnel to take it to the next level.
I'm glad we are keeping Wade. I do hope that Garrett re-evaluates his play calling, play to the strength of this offense and run the ball more often. It is also imperative that we acquire another wide receiver.