Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 17: Cowboys-24, Eagles - 0

The Cowboys kicked the hell out of the Eagles today at Cowboys Stadium, 24-0, to win the NFC East title. It was the first time in team history the defense has put up two shutouts in a row and Romo became the first quarterback in Dallas history to take every single snap of an entire season. Running game looked good, as did the passing game. Next week, we tango with Philly again in the first round of the playoffs. Nothing at all negative about this win, though I think Romo should have been pulled in the fourth quarter rather than go for a pretty meaningless team record. Other than that, a perfect day.
Congratulations to the 2009 Cowboys!


Mo 42 said...

Maybe it was just Romo's way of asserting "I am the leader of this team. I am one tough mofo, and I will not be denied this year."

The guy is playing better than ever.

Anonymous said...

It was an AWESOME GAME!!! They all looked good, I was worried in the begining about the penalties but they straightened it out! Good game, looking forward to next week since they had a GREAT DEC in 09!!! -->Curt S.