Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wade Phillips coming back for two years

Not only is Wade Phillips coming back to coach the Cowboys next year, but he's been given a new contract that will keep him on the job for 2011 as well. Some are questioning the move, but I like it. I explain why in the "comments" below. What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I like the move. Even though it's a two-year deal, it's really just one-year extension, since the team had an option for next year anyway and it was already decided he was coming back. This was really just Jerry's way of giving him a raise. But I think there's more to it ...

If he has a bad year next season, Jerry will still fire him and simply pay him the one year still owed to him. Teams do this all the time. But what this does it takes the whole possible lame duck factor off the table next year, so that the owner, coach and players don't need to field those questions late in the season, which is the most important part of the year. Once you make the decision to bring him back, it's actually very smart thinking.

I also think Wade deserves it. His record as a coach is actually very good, he's won the division - and a pretty good division - twice, and he has now won in the playoffs. It'd be hard to fire him, especially when he does get along with the owner. They cleaned up the locker room this year, discovered a few things about some players (Miles Austin can really play, Felix Jones should probably be featured more) and the QB seemed more like a leader. I agree with giving it one more shot with this staff.

Wade has earned another year. The new deal is just a way to make that year easier for him and the team to focus on football. Smart move. - Alan